Hansel and Gretel - Teddy Bear Stories


The Teddy Bears and Hannah Doll don’t know what to do on a rainy day. It's all boring: playing with building blocks, drawing pictures, reading a book...

Then Rosie has an idea: "Hey, what about playing Hansel and Gretel? Do you remember when grandma told us the story? I’ll be Gretel!"

And Little Teddy will be Hansel.

And off you go.


A read-aloud book with many images.


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"Oh, Gretel, look, there is a white bird!" he exclaims. "It will show us the way!"

"And then we’ll find a gingerbread house!" Rosie knows the story. "Come." And she takes Little Teddy’s hand.


Very tired and very hungry they shuffle around the room. "I’m so exhausted," wails Gretel.

"The bird has been flying behind the trees over there, come on.” Hansel pulls her further.

"The gingerbread house!" calls Gretel suddenly, and she is no longer tired at all.



Great! Quickly they break some cookies, and begin to eat. "Delicious," beeps Little Teddy, and Rosie says: "Better than dry crisp bread!"


At this moment, the witch appears. Stooped and leant on a walking stick she shuffles towards them.

"Oh, my dear children, are you hungry and thirsty?” she croaks in a trembling voice. “Please, come in!"

"She’s in for a shock,” whispers Rosie in Little Teddy’s ear.

"You needn’t be afraid," says the witch.

"But you," mumbles Rosie.


Inside, the witch is going on to be very kind, and starts cooking for the children.