Happy Again - Cloud Stories


Do you like clouds? They are really funny.

They play together the whole day, and they do like adventures very much. There are cloud dogs, cloud fish, cloud mice, cloud ghosts, cloud dragons, and more, and often you can watch them romping in the sky.

Some of them told me their stories and I was allowed to take pictures of them for this book.

I hope you like it.


The clouds act like kids on the play ground.


Eight stories with many images


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An Exciting Field Trip


A cloud family went on a field trip: father, mother, and two children. The father sailed ahead, so he could take good care. Aha, there was the first danger! "Attention! Windmills!" he cried.



"Children, be careful!" said the mother. However, they did not listen because they were just grabbing cloud treats. Luckily, they were far away from the mill.


At this moment, a small cloud dog raced towards them. He looked frightened and cried while passing by: "Caution! Over there is a..."

"What is it? I did not understand!"

There was no answer; the cloud dog was gone.



Father, mother, and children looked at each other in a baffled way.




"Turn back!" shrieked two cloud mice suddenly.

"Why? What's all this about?"

No answer, the two clouds were already over.

The cloud children began to rain, they wanted to go home.



“Go back at once! Run for your lives!” growled it in this moment beside them. It was a huge cloud dog!